Grow a whole fucking cabbage in the time it takes to do that.

Without a Judeo-Christian moral code in its society, Japanese scientists decide to play god.

this is a food sample. food samples are handmade FAKE food created for advertisement photography and display - all those pictures of delicious hamburgers in mcdonald’s ads & menus aren’t actual hamburgers they are fake ass food samples.

He’s pouring hot wax into cold water to form the fake food. which is actually very cool because it takes mad skill. do 62,000 people actually believe you can pour some magical liquid into water and create cabbage. this is why americans are so fat we can’t even distinguish wax cabbage from actual vegetables.


This pumpkin cost $1 at the grocery store and I think it’s the best dollar I’ve ever spent


Creepy Halloween Kids c. 1920s-1950s


Minerva skirt and Succubus crop top

From our 2014 Autumn collection

Black velvet fishtail skirt, panelled to accentuate and flatter natural curves, and long-sleeved velvet crop top with beautiful Guipure lace trim

Custom sizing available

Visit our Etsy shop for more information and to see the rest of our Autumn collection and other items: www.etsy.com/shop/CorvusCorone93

Garments, model, make-up, and photos: Heidi (haus-of-grotesque)


❝  when you separate an entwined particle, and you move both parts away from the other, even on opposite ends of the universe if you alter or affect one, the other will be identically altered or affected. ❞ 

— only lovers left alive (2013)


Moon Rise, Colorado


Moon Rise, Colorado


Stanley park, BC